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Webber Dual

Our entry level, very capable, dual hub motor board takes you 28+ mph (45kph) for up to 25+ miles (40km) with a single charge. $999

Webber Quattro

COMING SOON...Raise the bar with our quad hub motor. It's a real hill climber! With up to 25 mile (40km) range and 30+ mph (48kph) it is sure to please any rider. $1499

Webber Hybrid

NEW...Go anywhere with 6 inch airless tires. You won't believe the ride. Complete versions starting at $1299

Did we mention our E-bikes

Beach cruiser

Cruise at 30+ mph for 25 miles without even peddling! Or get a workout and go up to 60 miles using the motor assist function. $2399

Best components available

We only source the best components for our bikes, like this color dashboard and Shimano parts, all in the interest of your safety.

Already have a bike?

Let us custom convert it to a machine you'll love. Fun is our passion and why we love to build!


New products are coming soon!

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Our site is still a work in progress, but we are accepting orders on complete boards and bikes!

If you want to get your custom electric board or bike started today, please contact us via phone, email or Facebook for more information regarding options and pricing. 

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